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The arfadi library central management platform

Wenzhou city study is popular in the development process, the branch is increasing. At the same time, the wenzhou library has become more and more prominent in the management of various service branches, such as the operating status of the equipment, the maintenance of the network equipment, and the management of the readers' behavior.

Shanghai library RFID, which was the central management platform in scattered monitoring, operation and management of the basic design idea, USES the multi-layer hierarchical structure, cooperation, autonomy. Its main feature is centralized management and decentralized monitoring, real-time implementation of each self-service terminal equipment monitoring, management, business statistics and so on.

RFID central management platform features:

  • For each self-service terminals shall be carried out in accordance with the migration of state machine model transformation, let each self-service terminals in the process of working state migration to the central management platform to send state news, events, working parameters and so on;

  • The platform is responsible for collecting and filtering the message sent by the device terminal to implement the device terminal running state control. The library administrator can send control instructions through the platform, and carry out the operation of the device terminal: shutdown, restart, terminal software version upgrade, etc.

  • The platform will manage the data according to the time granularity, and realize the application of data statistics, data mining and so on.

  • The message protocol USES open JSON format and POST URL communication to support access to third-party device terminals.

  • On the basis of the platform, it can be further developed to apply to the general branch public service system, such as unified inventory, unified distribution and so on.

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