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The alfadi primary and middle school cloud library business management system

The cloud business management system of primary and secondary schools, which is suitable for middle and primary school library automation management requirements, its function covered the library automation integrated management included all of the business process.

"Cloud of primary and secondary schools, business management system" in Ubuntu, for server platform, the background for the Elastic large database Search, My SQL cluster, adopt advanced and reliable B/S three layer structure, good stability and security, fast, simple maintenance. The core of the system is developed with the most advanced development tools, Jquery.

The alfadi primary and middle school cloud atlas business management system can manage both books and periodicals and make library CARDS. Including the system Settings, reader management, document management, distribution management, statistical analysis, the main function such as data maintenance, able to realize under the same interface books, audio and video, periodical automation management. System also has the appointment management, expired, compensate for processing, library CARDS also import, warehouse management, document check and access to sign in and lending statistics, statistics, special statistics and other auxiliary function.

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