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The hangzhou library USES RFID technology to improve the efficiency of document management

Source: news center time: 2011-12-05

The hangzhou library was established on July 1, 1958, and the deputy provincial public library, which was absorbed into the international gallery of tuplets in 2003. On September 30, 2008, the new library of hangzhou library was officially opened to meet the growing cultural needs of the citizens and improve the quality of the people's cultural life.

New library building area of 43800 square meters, the collection of 2.1 million books, formed by local literature, philosophy, art, law, tourism, such as children's feature library system.

"Equality, free and universal of hangzhou library will always sharing" the idea throughout the business practice: in the domestic large public library pioneered cancel card, cancel the measures such as the deposit, citizens can rely on citizen CARDS and second generation id card self-help borrowing; The new pavilion will be the largest public library in China and abroad, with nearly 90 percent of the area being used to accommodate readers. At the same time, it added a lower part of the public library service for all ages of readers. Creates music library has the international first-class level, not only the music lovers, including "geek", an eye-opener, more to improve the quality of the music aesthetic and cultural life of the residents; Implements the wireless network, China covered and adopting the world's most advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in business management and service, property management, document check the technique in the literature, literature accurate positioning, etc, also has made full application, greatly promote efficiency of management of the literature.

For will create a new "civil study, civilian library", hangzhou library with sweet, comfortable household type reading style created a new experience for the reader, the layout and the design of the function for the readers to use the library resources provides maximum optimization and fast, build a "among people in the book, the book in the reading environment.

In order to realize the professional concept of covering both urban and rural areas and the people, and the cultural benefit of more people, the hangzhou library has built a four-level library service network in urban and rural areas. To deepen the service levels and broaden the service field, pushing the new service project, hangzhou library with the help of social forces to set up the friends of the club and the first domestic library career foundation, and organize to carry out the distinctive cultural activities such as performance, lectures; Working for the service center of government, for the leadership decision-making reference service, hangzhou library regularly published "millan information publication, at the same time also edited reflect local conditions and customs of hangzhou literary journals millan magazine; As a portal to the hangzhou library, "LAN LAN" can make it possible for citizens to enjoy the services of the library without leaving their homes.

As an important cultural space of the historic city of hangzhou, hangzhou city is moving in the classroom and public library lifelong education center, the city historical memory center, citizen culture and leisure center, the aim of the public information service center.

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