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Baoshan road street library is the first technology community library in the city

Source: dongfang web feed: zhabei district committee propaganda department selection: intern wang yiming

"You don't have to wait in line for the books." "Said Mr. Chen, a reader in the street community of baoshan road. Baoshan road street library books networking (RFID) intelligent management service system the official start of the trial operation, it also became the first in Shanghai community library using RFID technology.

It is understood that the RFID system has been in the library for about 12 years and is a mature product in the management of the library. The library branch of the Shanghai library has been the first to use the technology of RFID, which has greatly improved the efficiency of the loan, and has received the favorable comment from the readers. Street library books borrowed original process requires human open the book the cover page and find the barcode position and then you can scan barcode, operation process is relatively complicated, at the same time, the bar code, are easily damaged books borrowed efficiency is low. Introduction book networking (RFID) system, intelligent management service of the library automated circulation process and the person in possession of "all-in-one-card" card, community residents can like using bank ATM self-help books borrowed, the community residents queuing time is saved, also the effective protection of readers' privacy. At the same time, the library intelligent management service system of the book network (RFID) library will be able to implement 6 books simultaneously, and be fast and efficient. Currently, baoshan road street library has been included in the book all networking (RFID) system intelligent management service of the library, the library readers can more easily statistics book utilization, and adjust the structure of library, to intelligent management of collection resources, the choose and buy books for community residents to optimize resources.

Street library RFID project started in August last year preparation, last year, after the completion of the project, baoshan road street through the library staff field is introduced, and by designing the questionnaire, the questionnaire survey was conducted to the residents of the library, to understand their awareness of library application of RFID technology and related knowledge, so as to improve the utilization rate of self-help borrowing machine. The volunteers carry the RFID page, and twice a month, they go to the community to advertise the RFID books to the community.

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